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5 Types of Pressure Sensors You Should Know

Just like a drill won’t work with a nail, the type of pressure sensor you’re using for a given application matters. What performs well when measuring oil and gas, for example, may not be the best fit for hydraulics.

Gems FS-380P Series Flow Switch

Industrial strength. That’s how we describe the Gems FS-380P series flow switch. The FS-380P’s lower pressure drop reduces the risk of clogging, while its compact inline design makes it tolerant of particulate and less susceptible to sticking than alternate designs.

Addressing Challenges with a Customized Fluidic System

A medical OEM designer wanted to design a waste management system that would fit into their existing footprint while also maximizing the amount of waste held by the bottle. They also needed to protect operators from biohazardous material and reduce the amount of time spent on the task of waste removal.

Top 3 Benefits of Engineer-to- Engineer Collaboration When Developing Your Next OEM Design

Could you use an extra engineer on staff? If you’re working with a supplier who is a designer and a manufacturer, that’s exactly what you gain. We call this “engineer-to-engineer collaboration,” and it can be extremely useful, especially when developing a new medical OEM design. Partnering with a knowledgeable supplier with fluidics expertise also helps keep you abreast of the latest advances in fluidics technology and provides you with their extensive knowledge of the field. As such, they help you quickly see through design challenges and identify approaches to solve them quickly.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Customized Medical Fluidic System

When you think of the fluid management of the current or future design of your medical device, what challenges are you faced with overcoming? Do they include reducing development time, minimizing equipment footprint or maximizing the amount of liquid removed from your bottle?

Gems Supports Project to Set New World Land Speed Record

The current land speed record is 763.035 mph. The BLOODHOUND SSC Project hopes to set a new record of 1000 mph.

What is a solenoid valve?

Even if you’ve never actually seen a solenoid valve, you’ve definitely come into contact with a machine that relies on one. These small devices are used in everything from home heating systems to commercial car washes, swimming pools to dental equipment.

How does a float switch work?

When it comes to measuring liquid levels in tanks, few instruments are as reliable as the float switch. So what is a float switch? These handy devices can help measure metrics such as presence of absence of liquids in a tank, vessel, or container with dependable accuracy.

CAP-300: Durable, Reliable & Compact Capacitive Level Sensor

The CAP-300 was developed for your most rugged aqueous applications.

How does a pressure transducer work?

Not all of us respond well to pressure, but that’s exactly what happens with a pressure transducer. If you’ve wondered how they work, these devices convert pressure into an electrical output signal such as voltage, current, and frequency. Sensors, meanwhile, allow the transducers to proportionally react to the applied force of the pressure.

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