Benefits of Reed Switches

Reed switches are by no means new technology, but they are still commonly used today as a “tried and true” way to determine liquid level. Reed switches are very durable which ensures long, trouble-free service that is also very economical.

Here are a few of our popular products that utilize reed switch technology:

  • LS-3 Series Single-Point Level Switch
    • Features reed switch and float technology providing repeatable, reliable level indication
    • LS-3 has six standard stem and float combinations for application adaptability. Material options include:
      • Polysulfone
      • Polypropylene (solid and hollow)
      • Buna
      • PVDF
      • Nylon
    • Applications that could use this product include: reagent level detection in medical/blood analyzers, HVAC and air conditioning systems, switching in water purifiers, and high and low level sensing in printers

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  • LS-7 Float Type Level Sensor
    • LS-7_blogFeatures reed switch and float technology providing repeatable, reliable level indication
    • LS-7 can be incorporated into a vast range of side mounted sensors applications. Mounting options include:
      • Internal or External Mount
      • NPT
      • Straight Thread
      • Gasket Seal
    • Compact design allows for configurations in any small tanks or rugged environments
    • Applications that could use this product include: coolant and oil sensing in off-highway vehicles, water level control in food warmers, HVAC and air conditioning systems, and coolant level detection in medical lasers

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  • LS-800 Float Type Level Sensor
    • LS-800Features reed switch and float design which provides reliability in serving customer’s toughest applications and is impervious to temperature and pressure changes
    • Explosion proof designs available to meet strict safety application concerns
    • Features 1-6 actuation levels, configurable lengths and levels and five standard mounting options
    • Applications that could use this product include:
      • Water Level Sensing
      • Pump Control
      • Day Tank Level Sensing
      • Lube Oil Level Control
      • High/Low Liquid Level Alarm
      • Petrochemical Sump Liquid Sensing
      • Overflow Protection
      • Wastewater Point Level Indication

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