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Reliable Drilling Mud Tank Level Indication with XM-48700 Mud TLI

The environments at oil drilling sites (both land based and off-shore) are extremely harsh making it crucial for operation that the level indication of drilling mud tanks be extremely durable.

CNC Machining Transmission Oil Monitoring Using Level Sensors

Shops using CNC machining benefit greatly from monitoring spindle transmission oil as it aids in the optimization of the machine’s operation.  With low level indication, the operator is notified that the transmission oil needs to be replenished. This is important because without proper transmission oil level the potential damage to the machine is greatly increased.

WATCH: How to Adjust A Pressure Switch

Accurate pressure source/measurement and control equipment is important while setting your pressure switch to ensure your switch actuates at the correct set points. In this video we will show you show to adjust a field adjustable pressure switch. 

Agricultural Seed Planter Depth Control Using Pressure Transducers

Since its invention, the seed planting machine has helped to greatly increase harvest yield. Today’s machines have adjustable downforce to make planting accuracy even easier. To do this, an air compressor on the tractor provides the pressurized air to the cylinders which act as an air-bag system.  The operator can put more or less air in the air-bags which in turn puts more or less weight on the planter wheels and allows the planter to plant the seed deeper in the soil.

Level Sensors for Low Coolant Warning in Earth Movers

Earth movers are some of the biggest and heaviest equipment in the off highway vehicle (OHV) industry. Keeping these machines running properly is critical so they can continue to dig, push, and transport earth. In these machines, level sensors provide a signal to indicate low level of coolant.

Why is a Gems Latching Valve Right For Your Unique Application?

Do you need a magnetically latching solenoid valve and consider your application "non-traditonal" or "extreme?" Then the Gems BL Series Latching Valve is for you!

3100/3200 Pressure Transmitter: Designed for reliable performance 

If you have a demanding application that requires a high stability, reliable and durable pressure transmitter then Gems 3100/3200 Series has you covered. 

Get to know Gems' LS-800 Float Type Level Sensor

Our LS-800 is designed for exceptional versatility in your challenging environments. From water and day tank level sensing to pump and lube oil level control, the LS-800 can be configured to serve your most demanding applications. 

Gems Sensors Keep Off-Highway Vehicles Running Reliably and Safely

From harsh environments to high shock and vibration and extreme temperatures, Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) are exposed to conditions that test their limits. And in this industry, time lost due to equipment malfunctions can be extremely costly and disruptive events.

5 Questions to Ask Your Sensor Supplier for Your Next Medical Design

As someone involved in the OEM design process, here’s a scenario you’re probably familiar with: Your company is embarking on a new design for the medical market. It’s a competitive and fast-paced market so you’re concerned about development time and equipment costs. You must meet strict regulations. Your device requires fluid handling and you’ll need support of a sensors and controls supplier.

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