LED SureSite® Product Highlights

So, you're interested in our LED SureSite® visual level indicator? Here's a comprehensive view of all of the features and benefits of our newly patented, innovative product design!

  • This visual level indicator features 270 degree viewing range with bright LED channel for zero and low ambient light areas. See this in action:
  • But what if low or no light is not an issue? Can the LED SureSite® be viewed in direct sunlight? The answer is YES! View 14 more frequently asked questions:

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  • But don't just take our word for it. Read what this hospital facility manager had to say about it:

“The two LED SureSite® level indicators I installed on our DA & condensate tank in our boiler room have been working perfect. No more alarms from faulty floats inside the tanks and I can maintain a perfect level in both tanks. WiIl be getting more for our other three hospitals and offsites in the future."
Hospital Facility Manager

  •  Want all this information in one convenient location? Our free product guide is a great resource!

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  • Need a visual level indicator but not sure if LED SureSite® is the right one for you? Watch this video for an overview of our entire offering of visual level indicators:

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