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Learn How to Wire and Operate Gems' Warrick Conductivity Controllers

Product Manger, Tim Kelley, demonstrates how to properly wire and use our Warrick Conductivity Controlers.

BLOODHOUND SSC Update: Post-Newquay Runway Testing and BLOODHOUND 500 in S.A.

On October 26, BLOODHOUND SSC, a British supersonic land vehicle that is currently in development, made its first public run. In front of assembled media and guests, the 5.5-ton vehicle accelerated to 210 mph in 8.0 seconds from stationary. The trial was a significant milestone in testing the car’s systems as it continues its pursuit of reaching new World Land Speed Record of 800 mph in 2019 and 1,000 mph in 2020.

How Continuous Level Sensors Improve Tank Level Detection in Printing

Printing has come a long way since the invention of the printing press in the 1400s. Printers are faster and more advanced than ever before. But being on the cutting edge in the printing industry requires technology that can measure up. Insert the continuous level sensor. Literally. Swapping your point level sensor for a continuous level sensor will result in improvements for printer OEMs such as reduced printer interruptions, reduced liquid displacement, and a smaller equipment footprint.

What is Power Generation and How Do Gems Products Support It?

Power generation or electricity generation is the process of generating electric power from sources of primary energy. Those sources include: heat (thermal) energy, wind energy, solar and chemical energy.

LS-3: Designed for reliable performance in a compact package

 We think our LS-3 Float Type Level Sensor is pretty awesome. The LS-3 Series is designed for reliable performance in a compact package and despite it being lightweight, its durability is not compromised. The material options for stem and pressure floats offer high reliability in a variety of level applications including blood analyzers, water purifiers, printing and air conditioning systems.

Gems Participates in First Fortive Day of Caring

Gems Sensors & Controls, an Operating Company of Fortive, participated in Fortive's first annual Day of Caring. During the month of September, Fortive invited every team member across 25 Operating Companies to dedicate a day to community service, which resulted in an estimated 150,000 total volunteer hours donated.

Get to know Gems' LS-700 Float Type Level Sensor

Compact, durable and designed for reliable performance in a lightweight package is how we describe our LS-700 float type level sensor.

What’s the Difference Between Continuous and Point Level Sensors?

In order to measure the amount of a fluid in a given container, many opt to use a level sensor. But what kind of level sensor is right for your application? Finding the right sensor depends on the environment as well as the fluid being measured. To help with that process, we’ll walk through the different types liquid level sensors and discuss how they work.

What Are The Benefits of Lean Manufacturing (and What is It?)

The Gems Sensors & Controls story began over 60 years ago with our first commercial success being a bilge switch for the small boating industry. Since 1955, our catalog has been continuously expanding and evolving, with each new product introduction stemming from a technology breakthrough or customer success story. The experience of our engineers is built upon thousands of successful applications, and focused on design ingenuity, continuous quality improvements, smart engineering, cost optimizations, waste reductions, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Gems 3500 Series Low-Pressure Transmitter & Transducer

When you need consistent high levels of performance, reliability and stability for low pressure measurement, the Gems 3500 Series pressure transmitter and transducer is your answer. The 3500 Series is ready to serve your most demanding applications from gas analysis instrumentation and medical laboratory equipment to fire pump controllers.

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