Level Sensors for Low Coolant Warning in Earth Movers

Earth movers are some of the biggest and heaviest equipment in the off highway vehicle (OHV) industry. Keeping these machines running properly is critical so they can continue to dig, push, and transport earth. In these machines, level sensors provide a signal to indicate low level of coolant.

iStock-485762094Challenge: Accurate level indication

Equipment operators of earth movers and crawlers are to be alerted of low level via the equipment’s dashboard through the onboard PLC.  This alert to the equipment operator is critical to ensure that they shut down the machine before the engine suffers a damaging thermal event due to a lack of coolant. The level in this customer’s application before they came to Gems would falsely indicate low coolant level with all terrain inclines.

Solution: Gems ELS-1150ELS-1150

The solution was a rugged no moving part level sensor with leak-proof housing and high temperature and pressure capabilities to withstand the harsh environmental conditions while eliminating false actuation due to terrain inclines. The customer purchased Gems ELS-1150 high performance electro-optic level sensors with fused glass prisms. This eliminated leak potential and increased capabilities for high pressures and temperatures to withstand the demands of this application.

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