Gems Sensors Keep Off-Highway Vehicles Running Reliably and Safely

From harsh environments to high shock and vibration and extreme temperatures, Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) are exposed to conditions that test their limits. And in this industry, time lost due to equipment malfunctions can be extremely costly and disruptive events.

However, with Gems accurate and reliable sensors and controls, you can count on dependable performance in harsh, demanding environments.  This lets OHV end-users focus on getting their jobs done and spending less time dealing with downtime events.

As shown below, several Gems solutions are crucial to keeping the vehicle safe – from coolant warnings to the hydraulic braking system. Here’s a look at the varied applications within the excavator example and the Gems solution deployed:

 OHV Products Load weighing safety system

Transmission hydraulic charge system

Spring applied hydraulic brake system

Transmission oil high temperature switch

Coolant warning

Hydraulic oil measurement

Fuel oil measurement

Differential gear box oil measurement

Other applications Gems products can be used for in Off-Highway Vehicles include: lube oil pressure monitoring, load monitoring, hydraulic pump monitoring, hydrostatic transmission pressure, over load protection, oil monitoring and fuel monitoring.

Gems Sensors & Controls has been continuously improving the design and manufacturing process of fluid sensors in the Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Industry. With decades of experience, Gems has a unique understanding of the most sophisticated applications in OHV, and delivers fluid sensors that measure up to today's - and tomorrow's - critical requirements.

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